MOVERS NEAR ME provides residents with professional, affordable moving services near me. Our moving services are designed to be a “one stop shop” for all relocation needs in your town. Overnight storage, hoisting, piano moving, long distance moving to a new state – we do it all!  These companies are independent with our own trucks, movers, supplies and can provide prompt, expert. moving services across the United States. What’s more – we do it all without the annoying sales calls everyday. By filling out our moving calculator – we can get you an instant moving quote and will never share your information.


Movers Near Me is a moving expert and can offer all types of moving services within any budget. From piece by piece moving to white glove moving – our moving helpers have got you covered.

– Full Service Moving – WHITE GLOVE MOVERS

– Packing fragile items, clothes, etc

– Disassembly and Assembly of Furniture

– Overnight, Short Term or Long Term Storage Available

– Junk Removal

– Hoisting

– Piano Moving


moving services near me

Moving Labor

Need moving help? Our movers can help with piano moving, moving within your home or any loading of furniture.


In-State Moves

Moving in the same town or same state? Our moving crews charge by the hour for moves less than 150 miles.


Out of State Moves

No third party affiliations, selling or trading of your move. We do our out of state moves with our own crews and trucks.


Full-service movers are on the opposite spectrum of a DIY move. You choose the company based on price, customer service, reliability, professionalism, and reputation. Full-service professionals take care of all the supplies needed, packing, loading, transporting, and unloading your items at your final destination. Full-service movers will give you a moving quote according to a list of items that you’ll provide. Full service moving companies can pack, load, unload, hoist, crate items, move pianos. They literally do it all. Full-service movers are fully licensed and insured professionals and they will also offer you different options to ensure your belongings against damages during the move. Find full service movers near me.


Self-service moves require you to pack your items and do the load and unload of your goods yourself while movers are only responsible for transporting your items to your final destination. The price is based on the linear feet used and/or size of container transported. These containers and feet range greatly. Keep in mind, many HOAs do not allow these containers to be placed in their communities so an incredibly expensive shuttle fee of $1000 or more may be required. The reviews on these containerized service movers are very iffy so proceed with caution!


Door to door movers are moving companies that are moving your household goods a considerable distance, usually over 150 miles. These movers do not stop along the way to pick-up, offload, reload, swap or sell another shipment. Door to door long distance movers are not affiliated with any third party and will take your items right to you. Find long distance movers near me.


White glove movers are movers that go above and beyond. They show up wearing booties so the floor does not get scuffed and the like. White glove movers bring floor runners and shrink wrap for every piece of furniture. This option is best if you are moving priceless antiques or items that need crating and are worth a consider amount of money. Find Movers Near Me.


If you are looking to move one piece to another house, you should hire piece by piece movers. These movers can move a desk up the stairs or a piano across town. Many movers have minimums of 3-4 hours whereas piece by piece movers generally charge a flat rate to move an item or 2.


Movers with guaranteed dates are long distance movers that guarantee pick up and delivery dates. This is especially expensive as larger van lines and franchises make their money by loading large tractor trailers for delivery. The best guaranteed date movers will be smaller, independent moving companies. Find independent movers near me.


Movers have been opening shell companies all over the US, faking moving company reviews and moving scams are at an all time high. Avoid moving scams by looking for movers that have been in business for a very long time.

Moving Services Near Me

Looking for the best hometown moving services? You can trust our crews with any type, size or location of your belongings. We treat your items like they are our own. Reputation means everything to us – we make every job a great job!

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Moving Services Near Me

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