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Movers Near Me is a private, flat rate moving company – we don’t align our services with any van lines, franchises or brokers which translates to major savings for our customers. We take tremendous pride in our focus on quality service and affordable pricing. Our company is constantly evolving so we can continue to offer a service that is superior to the competition in more ways than just pricing. Our entire staff are live, work and play in the towns we service. As part of the community, our reputation is priority number 1 and we make sure to delivery top rated moving services on every move. What’s more our long distance crews will never sell, barter, trade or swap a shipment or your information. Rest assured, you will not have a million moving companies calling you after you contact us.  Only Movers Near Me employees will contact you. Learn more about long distance movers near me and our expedited long distance moving services.


Back in 1999, Movers Near Me was formed in a small storage unit near Boston, MA. Slowly through years of hard work and making sure our moving helpers provide unbeatable customer service and safe, reliable moving help Movers Near Me grew. Overall, Movers Near Me operates 5 locations in Massachusetts, and over 20 boutique moving locations across the US. While Movers Near Me was formed and built slowly and carefully, to ensure the integrity and mission statement of the company, to provide the highest quality moving services, remain true. Every location is privately owned and operated and is licensed, insured and registered locally and nationally.  Our moving crews have won numerous moving awards including “Mover of the Year” in 2020 ensuring we have definitely unpacked the key to a stress-free, affordable moving experience.  Through years of hard work and a commitment to the highest standard of care we have family-owned locations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, and California – our Movers Near Me crews are always nearby. Learn how to find local movers near me.



Professional. Efficient. Prepared.



Movers Near Me can provide you with a guaranteed not to exceed moving quote instantly, simply fill out the online inventory, upload pictures or set up a FaceTime call with one of the representatives.  When you hire MOVERS NEAR ME, it’s important they come prepared to get the job done right.  Movers Near Me moving crews have vast knowledge of their local area; from home moves to apartments, condos, townhouses, and high-rises – we have experience with all moving situations to provide you a seamless transition. Our moving experts live in the communities where they work, so knowledge of the area plays to our advantage as we move you.

Whether you are moving across the street, city, state or country, Movers Near Me strives to service you with professional, affordable moving services.  Our movers nearby area will have the ability and correct licensing and insurance to ensure a safe delivery of your household goods. Every employee is professionally trained, background checked and trained before stepping foot inside your home – giving you peace of mind that your items are safe throughout the entire moving process. Additionally, all Movers Near Me moving crews are permanent, trained employees to provide an even better professional experience while moving your most prized possessions. If you’re looking for a moving company near me to take everything off of your hands, you have landed in the right place. In addition to moving your household goods, Movers Near Me can also assist with packing, storage, overnight moving, and long distance moving.


Affordable, reliable moving services are hard to find through a sea of fancy moving websites. At Movers Near Me, transparency is extremely important to us.  Here are the items that are included in our local and long distance moving costs:

  • Labor -unloading and unloading
  • Moving Truck
  • Tools – correct tools to dis/assemble furniture
  • High Quality Protection – shrink wrap, tape, moving blankets, bands
  • Tolls
  • Mileage
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Basic Furniture Placement
  • Moving Certificates
  • Shuttle Fee
  • Stair Fee
  • Elevator Fee
  • Long Haul Fee

** All of these items are included in our moving estimate. You will not see any hidden fees on moving day like a lot of other local movers like to charge. Learn more about Movers Near Me costs.

Our Services

Long Distance Moving

Movers Near only uses 26 foot moving trucks for long distance moves.

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Office Movers

Office moves present a completely different set of challenges than residential moves.

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Movers & Packers

Movers Near Me professional movers and packers team can perform a variety of moving and packing options.

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Local Moving

We plan every last detail of your move ahead of time. This means no surprises for you...

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Piano Movers

Piano Moving requires skill, knowledge, experience, and strength. Lots of movers...

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Moving & Storage

Movers Near Me offers multiple moving & storage options for any storage needs. Moving & storage prices are based on how long...

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Apartment Movers

Our apartment movers are trained, full-time employees and are CORI-checked.

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Corporate Relocation

Whether you are an employee looking for a corporate relocation company to hire for...

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Movers Near Me Professional Movers. 21 Years of Experience. Quality Service.

MA,FL, GA, CT, RI, NC, SC, TX, CO, CA, MD, MI, PA Based Professional Movers. 20+ Years of Experience. Quality Service. Movers Near Me.


Movers Near Me offers you flat rate long distance movers with guaranteed, flat rate pricing. Our long distance moves have guaranteed exact delivery dates and we perform all of our own moves – we never sell your move or your information to anyone.


Select Your Type of Service
Local Moving
Long Distance
starting from $114 per hour starting from $975.00
  • All-Inclusive hourly rate
    All-Inclusive door to door service
  • No Hidden Fees On Move Day
    No Hidden Fees On Move Day
  • 2 Professional Movers
    Loading and unloading
  • Fully Equipped Truck
    Furniture handling
  • Free Use Of Wardrobe Boxes
starting from $141 per hour starting from $1125.00
  • All-Inclusive hourly rate
    All-Inclusive door to door service
  • No Hidden Fees On Move Day
    No Hidden Fees On Move Day
  • 3 Professional Movers
    Moving insurance
  • Fully Equipped Truck
    Live GPS tracking
  • Free Mattress Covers
starting from $179 per hour starting from $1295.00
  • All-Inclusive hourly rate
    All-Inclusive door to door service
  • No Hidden Fees On Move Day
    No Hidden Fees On Move Day
  • 4 Professional Movers
    Professional Packing
  • Fully Equipped Truck
    Blanket wrapping
  • Free Boxes For Your Flat TV's
+ 1 MAN
hot spot's
starting from $35 per hour starting from $975.00
  • All-Inclusive hourly rate
    NC / SC / GA $975.00
  • Call Today For On-Site Estimate
    Las Vegas NV $1275.00
  • No Hidden Fees On Move Day
    Chicago IL $1195.00
  • Seattle WA $1425.00
  • + 1 Addidionat Mover
    All-Inclusive door to door service
  • All-Inclusive hourly rate
    No Hidden Fees On Move Day

What makes us so special? It's our team!