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Moving Help: Moving Tips and Resources to Get You Started

Looking for a moving company in your area that is licensed, insured and has full-time experienced employees? We want to help you with your move – by hiring MOVERS NEAR ME ™ – known as the industry leading moving company, we can help you with moving, packing and storage services in your area. We are local and long distance moving experts and want to help you find the the best moving helpers in your area!

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How To Find A Moving Company

The top 5 things to look for when hiring a moving company are:

  1. Amount of Years in Business – a good moving company will have at least 10 years with good standing. Movers Near Me has operated since 1999.
  2. Online Reputation – Yelp, Home Advisor and Angies List not the best to use because they are paid services – better sites like Porch and Houzz seem to be more accurate representation.
  3. If A Real Person Picks Up The Phone – Stay away from companies with AI or voice activated systems – they are most likely brokers or scammers.
  4. Brokers, Franchises and Van Lines should be avoided – Their Fees are sky high due to the 30-40% that goes to the giant corporation and they have the most claims with the best lawyers.
  5. Search Your State Corporation Website For Foreign Owners – If the business has a foreign owner that you cannot speak to then they most likely will be unable to contact if something goes wrong – stay local.

The most reliable way of finding a good moving company is going online and looking for an existing online review by customers that have used the company in the past. The second way is checking with your friends and relatives who have used the company and the feedback they’ve given. A third way is checking with local newspaper for any former or current press releases. The next way is to get references from other satisfied customers and the last and most reliable way is to call a few of them that have used the moving company before to find out what their experience with the moving company was like.

Moving Tips

Here is our advice on moving for you. Choose a loading/unloading company: If you don’t know how much things weigh, let a professional unload your stuff, making sure it is delivered in the right condition Get a vehicle from local transport company that does cargo and other long distance trucks. Get a courier company to move the heavy stuff Pay on time: Avoid delays, make payments by secure methods, pay ahead so that you can be assured of getting the job done on time. Keep in mind the delivery date and make sure that you get rid of any unwanted items before you bring them to the new address. Also, make sure that you double-check the boxes on the moving truck. Make sure to mark on a permanent color if you want to keep a few items or not. Find a full list of moving tips.

Moving Resources

Does your moving company hold an official qualification certification? If yes, there is nothing wrong with this. Certified moving companies are those that have been endorsed and certified to guarantee customer satisfaction. They have completed training programs to obtain such certification. Certified moving companies can be used by you to avoid moving from one office to another or to also get a mobile unit or trailers to carry your heavy items to the new location. Some also work as moving company for outsourced corporate services such as moving of company equipment, providing courier service, domestic or international shipping, furniture moving, and more. Movers Near Me is a certified moving helper from both the AMSA and Move-Line which means our full-time moving helpers are background checked, CORI checked and have met safety training requirements. We are family owned and operated in your area. Find Movers Near Me

Moving Costs

Many homeowners and tenants are not aware that their rent or mortgage payment and moving expenses are considered an added expense, and that, when calculating your moving costs, it is wise to consider all expenses when estimating how much you need to pay for a move. These expenses include: Packing Materials – The cost of shipping boxes, bubble wrap, packing materials and other packing materials will vary depending on how much you are moving and how much packing materials you need. Preparing your Home For Moving – When preparing your home for a move, you should: Check the insulation in your attic and basement and make sure it is in good condition. Clean your carpet, cushions, rugs and upholstery thoroughly to help minimize the amount of noise made during the move. Learn more about moving costs.

Finding A Moving Company Near Me

Some moving companies are normally out to make a few extra bucks by offering you a discounted price to pack and move your stuff, but they do not have the expertise or proper equipment to protect your stuff. That is why it is best to hire professional and licensed moving companies. There are different types of moving companies to choose from and the more knowledgeable ones will know what type of service you need and get it for you at an affordable price. You should consider the following factors while finding a moving company near you: Types of Moving Companies Moving company should have a variety of offerings in order to cover all of the needs of the customers. At first, these companies are mostly focused on residential moving.

Why Moving is Stressful

First, there is no set time frame for moving. It all depends on how big the move is. Sometimes it may be a week, sometimes two or three months, even longer. Sometimes you may need more help than you have available. You may not have an exact estimate of how much it will cost, and you may not have a long time to move. If you don’t know what to expect, you can be easily overwhelmed. Second, you have to get estimates on the cost of moving. Unless you have been offered a low cost, don’t assume that’s the going rate. There is usually a real difference between the cost for a one-day move and a full week move, so it’s a good idea to shop around. Third, it can be hard to plan for the amount of things you are trying to move, and how much stuff you have.

After Your Move

Now you know that you can begin to focus more on you again instead of the dreaded move. Yes, you are a busy person, but you can still find time to spend on yourself by scheduling out time for yourself. You can schedule small breaks during the day or one hour before the end of the work day to do something for you, such as reading a book, listening to your favorite playlist, taking a nap, walking, listening to music, have a cup of coffee, etc. Remember, moving to a new place doesn’t have to be a major chore if you’ve chosen trusted moving helpers like the staff at MOVERS NEAR ME



Still searching for a “moving company near me” – this popular search request will turn up a multitude of paid ads, map listings and third party sites.  All of which will make your search for a mover near you even more difficult. Bombarded by brokers, van lines, franchises and third party sites like Angi and Moving Helper sell your move to a moving company in their network. MOVERS NEAR ME is a family owned and operated moving company since 2004. With multiple private locations ( we never swap, sell or give your move to another carrier) our moving crews are all trained, background checked and speak English.  Here are some things you can expect when hiring our moving company:

  • Guaranteed moving price
  • On-Time moving services
  • No rescheduling fees ( as long as its not 24 hours or less before the move)
  • Free tape and shrink wrap
  • Storage services
  • Packing services
  • Overnight storage
  • Full coverage on your move
  • Affordable moving costs
  • Trained, background checked moving helpers


Mover Company Near MeLocal Moving Company Near Me

Movers Near Me is the premiere local moving company in multiple states including MA, RI, NH, CT, NY, PA, TN, NC, SC, GA, FL, TX, DC, CO, CA, IL, VA, and MD, we have moved in every type of building and have a great reputation with over 60,000 5 star reviews. We are the top rated family owned, private moving company. Our prices and service is guaranteed. Learn more about our local moving company near me.

long distance Mover Near Me

Long Distance Moving Company Near Me

Our long distance moving company is known as the best in the business. Our movers use high quality packing materials to keep your items intact for the longer trip. Our drivers are the same at pick up and delivery and only your items are on a truck and guaranteed within 2-5 days. Popular destinations include Boston, North Carolina, Dallas, Austin, Chicago and Las Vegas. Learn more about our long distance moving company near me.

Flat Rate Movers Near Me

Furniture Moving Company Near Me 
We have specially-trained, white glove furniture moving company that are experts when it comes to handling the finer things in life. They specialize in a wide variety of items that demand special care such as; fine wines, art, antiques and other fragile objects. Learn more about our furniture moving company near me.
Moving Company Near MePacking and Moving Company
Movers Near Me moving and packing company can pack your whole home, just the kitchen, or any part of it. Our packing methods and the high quality packing materials we use are matched specifically to each of your items. Learn more about moving and packing.
      cheap movers near meAs the moving company trusted for many out of state moves, Movers Near Me offers full service moving on a budget. Enjoy local and long distance movers at affordable hourly rates. Your items will still be fully wrapped and packed, securely protected in our trucks. Learn more about finding out of state moving company near me.

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Full Service Moving Company Near Me

A full service moving company near me can pack your belongings, load them onto the truck, disassemble furniture, transport them to your new home, unload the truck, unpack and reassemble. MOVERS NEAR ME has many different moving options including all full service moving help needs.

MOVERS NEAR ME has multiple locations in over 15 states, here are some of our more popular locations where we are recognized as the best moving company:

Boston Moving Company

Rhode Island Moving Company

Worcester Moving Company

Orlando Moving Company

Jacksonville Moving Company

Raleigh Moving Company

Asheville Moving Company

Atlanta Moving Company

South Carolina Moving Company

Miami Moving Company


Movers Near Me is a private, flat rate long distance moving company. Our long distance movers near you are fulfilling the moving and storage needs of customers all over the US. Whether you are moving from Boston to Raleigh, New York to Miami or California to Tennessee our long-distance movers are industry experts when it comes to relocation to a new state. Our team of professionals will work tirelessly to make sure every facet of your move is managed efficiently and within budget. Therefore, our relocation team will move at a fast and professional pace, safely loading your belongings onto the truck. Your items will be secured in place for the duration of your long-distance move.

long distance moving companies near me

Long Distance Moving Companies Near Me

If you are looking for the best long distance moving companies near me, rest assured Movers Near Me are seasoned professionals that provide services throughout the United States.  Our crews are an elite group of industry professionals that have completed rigorous sessions in safe driving practices and proper moving procedures. The staff at Movers Near Me delivers top rated long distance moving services with transparent pricing. Our boutique locations across the US are privately owned which means there are no additional broker, franchise or van line fees on your move. Our rates are affordable and service is top of the line.

Our Long-Distance Movers

Our long-distance moving company hires full time employees that are:

  • Background Checked
  • CORI Checked
  • Drug Tested
  • Speak English
  • Come Uniformed
  • Have Over 50 Hours Training Before Stepping Foot In Your House
  • Are Full Time

You will feel comfortable with our moving crews. Our moving company understands that you want professional, kind and personable movers that make you feel safe especially moving long-distance. Find out about long distance moving options on our long distance movers page.

Long Distance Moving Insurance

A moving company cannot guarantee quality service without proper insurance and licensing. The appropriate federal rights protect the clients because the firm is less likely to violate federal regulations. Movers Near Me is up to date on all insurance and licensing requirements. When hiring Movers Near Me for your move – your move will come with full replacement value coverage.

Long Distance Moving Reviews

The long-distance moving service locations all over the US have all 5 star reviews for our long distance movers on public community pages. Here are some reviews for Movers Near Me

Long Distance Moving Costs

How much does a long distance move cost? The local mover will typically charge by the hour while the long-distance one will charge per the load. This case means that you will pay more every additional pound. Another way of charging is to calculate the linear cost of the service. Our long-distance moving companies  can save hundreds of dollars. By hiring MOVERS NEAR ME  your move price will be guaranteed based on our transparent moving software. Contact us on 877-470-1247 today for a quote of your long-distance move and other details that influence your moving project. Find out more about long distance moving costs.

Moving Long Distance

Individual items like the piano or pool table are likely to incur additional fees. They may need complicated moving resources because they cannot move up and down the stairs with integrity.

Full Service Long Distance Movers Near Me

Movers Near Me Full Service Long Distance Movers have options for your long distance move including packing, unpacking, storage, disassembly, assembly, car towing, and more. MOVERS NEAR ME  is flexible in making last-minute adjustments to your inventory at no extra cost. You can ask for special arrangements such as in-transit storage or moving office inventory. Learn more about full service movers.

 A move with the Jacksonville long-distance movers  from MOVERS NEAR ME is a safe and reliable one! Our movers are trained to pack, load, and deliver your belongings with premium care and exceptional service you can only expect from our long-distance movers in Jacksonville. Our service standards are among the highest in the industry.

Long Distance Moving Help

If you need moving help we have moving assistants available 24 hours a day. This moving coordinator is on hand to assist from beginning to end with your relocation. Your coordinator is your point-person throughout the entire process. They will provide you with invaluable moving help that can assist you throughout the duration of the move. Your moving coordinator will stay on top of each step of your move through our software and email/text any information. Any updates during the move will come from the coordinator who will be available 24/78

Movers Near Me long-distance movers will give you a sense of comfort and assurance that is second to none. Every individual of our team is trained to provide customer satisfaction at its finest to families all over the US. Give us a call at 877-470-1247 for a free, no obligation quote. Get long distance moving help near me.

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Getting a long distance moving quote is easy – you can press the “start here” button at the top of the page. However, if you are looking for movers in your general area and would like to learn more before requesting a quote – here are our most popular locations.

Long Distance Movers in Boston – Our long distance moving company originated in Boston and we are known as the top rated long distance mover in the Boston area. All of our long distance trucks in New England are kept in Norwood, MA in a guard-gated, 24 hr managed lot.

Long Distance Movers in Orlando – Movers Near Me opened a second location in Orlando which has grown to be the largest location as Orlando is a very transient area

Long Distance Movers in Raleigh – Raleigh and Charlotte alike are very popular locations and we service both areas.

Long Distance Movers in Atlanta – Movers Near Me is knows as the go-to mover for the entire state of Georgia. Our accolades have made us a premier moving company in the Peachtree state.

Long Distance Movers in CT – Connecticut requires long-distance movers to have additional coverage as we carry 2 million dollar coverage

Long Distance Movers in RI – Rhode Island was a likely place for Movers Near Me to become one of the top long distance movers in as it is so close to our Norwood hub for all Boston moves.  You will not find a better long distance mover in RI – Movers Near Me has a location in Bristol.