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Looking for top-rated moving services in Boston? Our professional moving company offers reliable and affordable solutions tailored to your needs! Affordable, licensed and insured one-stop-shop moving company that can plan, execute and perform your move seamlessly. Our movers are professionally trained, full time moving crews that can help with moving, packing, and storage for residential, commercial and office moves.



As you may have heard, moving scams have skyrocketed since the pandemic. Though, not just moving scams that are easily avoidable. Companies that have been trusted and used by consumers for years are really starting to take residents to the cleaners! So, what to do when it seems like every major corporation and big brand is out to squeeze you dry? Well, employees at these larger van lines, PODS and franchises like All My Sons are starting to do somethign about it. They’re quiting. Often times, the employees are the ones who have to deal with customers getting mad at the over-charging, horrible customer service and late shipments. As we enter a new age of moving, these employees are starting their own moving companies with better service at 20-40% less expensive than the big companies. You can find these independent moving companies at Movers Near Me – a site dedicated to the smaller moving businesses that are delivering quality moving services at a fraction of the price.

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So, which moving companies can you trust in 2023? The ones you find on search engines are finding new ways to dupe consumers across all metro markets. Our job at Movers Near Me is to keep residents informed and help them find a quality moving company. Here are some scams to watch out for:
– Groups of induviduals have opened 10-20 faux moving companies in all cities – we have seen this start in Boston, NYC, Chicago, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Denver, San Francisco, Austin, Nashville, Atlanta and Miami about 2-3 years ago. This issue is that these groups swap workers, trucks, etc. They do not pay workers comp and pay their employees a low hourly wage under the table as most are not legally allowed to work in the US. When the claims from these companies get to high, they simply shut down and dissolve whichever location gets too many claims. What’s more, these companies are usually owned by people from other states or other countries, so going after these owners becomes impossible. MOVERS NEAR ME is dedicated to verifying information, owners and insurance every 30 days.
– Larger moving brands are starting to create fake sites stating their company is the “best of” or ranked very high. There are AI bots to flag all positive reviews of other local moving comapanies nearby that are independent. So, who can you trust? MOVERS NEAR ME verifies all of these companies and does not charge a fee to be a part of this list. Our directory is unpaid and unlike Angi, Home Advisor, Hire A Helper or Uhaul – our movers are licensed and insured.
– Other directory sites do not verify license or insurance info and charge independent movers extremely high fees to be a part of their directory which is largely just scam movers that charge customers way more than expected and reviews are fake.

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