Are you sick of getting bombarded by sales calls after requesting a moving quote from entering information on a moving calculator? Movers Near Me ™ is a private moving company without any third party affiliations. We do not sell your move, information – our trained, professional movers show up at your house on move day. You can rest assured that when you fill out a moving quote with us, we will send your quote and that’s it. Our staff is confident in our pricing and value that we do not need to call you every other day begging for you to use our services. You can get an instant moving quote below:

Did you know that many moving companies are owned by the same group? When you request a quote from a van line – most of them are connected so another moving company with another name will call but it’s actually the same parent company. Therefore you can compare quotes but its really just the same movers and they split the income. Be sure to compare movers properly!

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