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Moving across the state? Across the country? We’ll get you there! At MOVERS NEAR ME, we’re here to help with a variety of long-distance services that can take the stress out of your next move.

As the industry leader in long distance moving and relocation, MOVERS NEAR ME has developed multiple long distance moving options to fit every budget. Our long distance movers  maintaining the consistency of our professional local movers and receive the same training added to our expedited, guaranteed date and flex date long-distance moving services. We strive to bring the same level of excellence to make your next long-distance move as stress-free and efficient as possible.

Long Distance Movers Near Me offers a full range of moving services across the nation and between our regional offices that includes property and household goods move management. Movers Near Me will never brokerage moving services and does not swap or sell your move or give away any of your information.  You will receive only one moving quote from our team.With more than 10 locations, each home to a full-time team of highly trained professional movers, they keep the travel time charges to a minimum.

Long Distance Movers Near Me have offices all around the country and know the best routes with the least complications for your cross country move!

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Our Flex Date long-distance moving service is now available across the US. This innovative service brings the convenience of moving with a professional moving company, at new and exciting cost-savings not offered by any long-distance moving service around the country.

With excellent prices, outstanding customer care, and options that can suit almost every need and budget, check out MOVERS NEAR ME if you’ve got a long-distance move coming up and we’ll work with you to find the right option. Learn more about our Flex Date long distance moving service.


Our long distance moving services have always been an industry leader but nothing compares to our guaranteed date long distance movers. If you need a delivery at your house on a specific date this long distance moving option is for you. Many long distance movers cannot offer this service because they lack the volume especially if you are moving a smaller shipment. Our guaranteed date movers are available throughout the United States but the most popular moving destinations are Boston, NYC, Miami, Washington DC, and LA as many of the apartment complexes in these cities will require those moving in to reserve a very narrow move-in window.


With our expedited long-distance moves, you can expect a quick delivery time to your new home, often times with the same movers who have moved your items out of your home. Unlike other long-distance carriers who cannot guarantee arrival times, we provide you with an exact date for arrival at your new location which means you can settle into your new home sooner, rather than later.