By Adm-NearMe/on December 26th, 2017/in Tips
  1. When interviewing moving companies, make sure to ask if they are insured and how they charge, ask if they charge extra for large items such as pianos and big screen TVs.
  2. Ask what kind of training their movers and drivers go through before servicing customers, ask if there is a cancellation policy, ask what type of payment options they offer.
  3. Ask if they use full-time employees or temps and day labor. (Be cautious of those who use temps and day labor because they may not have proper insurance.)
  4. Ask if they offer free estimates, ask if they have suggestions on how to make your move easier, ask if they offer packing and unpacking services.
  5. Ask if your items will be insured during your move, ask if they have a minimum charge or if they have any extra charges or any Hidden fees.