Movers In Massachusetts

Finding movers in Massachusetts can be especially cumbersome, when multitudes of residents find themselves dialing zillions of movers to find availability.

In these situations, it’s best to consult a moving guide.  No matter if you are moving a few pieces, a piano, or a large home, we have sifted through all movers in Massachusetts to find the best movers for you.

There are a few major things to consider when finding movers in MA, Here is a quick list to begin your search:

  1.   Find movers in Massachusetts that is highly recommended by friends or has great third-party moving reviews.
  2. Always make sure that any movers has a current MDPU operating certificate number.  This is the license number given by the state that guarantees your mover in Massachusetts will have the required minimum amount of coverage including cargo insurance.  Movers in MA must also file a tariff which states their specific rates for moving services.



Movers in Massachusetts

Movers in Massachusetts


Quick MA Mover Checklist for finding the best movers in Massachusetts

  • Check to make sure your MA movers have the correct MDPU numbers
  • Make sure you get a written or online estimate that is guaranteed
  • Confirm rates, coverage and reviews
  • Review entire bill of lading before signing
  • Agree to providing payment in agreed upon method
  • Ensure all all your household goods have delivered in the same condition